Eddy Lee Ryder is an artist who demands attention. After her years as a singer-songwriter residing in New York City, she has some tales to tell, and some music worth hearing. Taking inspiration from her predecessors, including Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush, it’s easy to see how such a singer would stand out from the crowd in the modern music scene.

Eddy Lee Ryder has already enjoyed a musical career which has seen her move from an obsession with Peter Gabriel’s Salisbury Hill to encompass the storyteller worlds of Springsteen, Nicks and, in varying doses, Spinal Tap. Unconventional and never less than utterly enthralling, her previous exploits have seen her filming fake casting calls for men wearing underpants for her videos; plastering Boston with “have you seen Matt the racoon?” posters and being thrown out of the backstage areas of megastars shows (current record: Paul McCartney, twice in the same day).

Following the first track from her forthcoming EP, Small Apartment, Silver Chain is her new single, a flood-lit seething mass of intensity, with Eddy’s vocals almost veering into operatic territory. Released as part of a forthcoming 6-track EP, entitled “Expected to Fly”Silver Chain is accompanied by a video which is as alluring as her sound, with burlesque dancers, a cast of misfits and some guy called Ron Jeremy. Somehow sad, uplifting, profound and kitsch at the same time, it’s an experience not easily forgotten.

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