Joshua Howlett was born in Manchester but has chosen an unlikely location to act as the muse to his music – Switzerland. British indie-folk artist, Joshua, is now based in a chalet near Montreux, where he moved to as a child. Growing up experiencing British and Swiss culture, he ended up somewhere between the two, taking the music from his homeland and marrying it with the tranquil, breath-taking vistas of his new home. After learning to play the guitar, he developed a unique style and identity that he has been shaped and refined throughout his young career. As a result of living surrounded by mountains and forests, Joshua’s music is a melodic mix of folk and indie, influenced by current folk artists such as Ben Howard and Bon Iver, with soulful lyrics about real experiences, hopes, thoughts, anxiety and love.

Nature plays a strong part in his lyrics as well as the image Howlett portrays, with his live performances mixing raw emotion with musical diversity, and a strong rapport with the crowd. After forging a relationship with a producer from Swiss-based Big Fam Records, they initially recorded just one track but the instant positive reaction it gained lead to a now firm partnership. Recording his debut EP, surrounded by experienced live musicians who immersed themselves in Joshua’s work, the end result is a body of work which is mature, hugely atmospheric and often reflective. ​

The EP, to be titled Autumnal, is set to be released in early 2019, preceded by the lead single, Dover, a nod to his UK roots and the springboard to his new life on the continent. The EP release will be supported by live performances, giving Joshua ample opportunity to display his loop pedal and vocalizer skills, not to mention his hugely engaging personality.