Hailing from Canberra, Australia, HighView are a power rock quintet not to be trifled with. Fusing uplifting and empowering melodies with a streamline stadium level chorus, the band are certainly becoming ones to watch in 2018. Unveiling their brand new single “Simple Life”, HighView burst onto the scene once more, breaking down any barrier holding them back. 

The single itself deals with the ideas of describing the problems we face in life, maintaining perspective when you need it most in order to develop your own true identity, the band’s brand new single is a defiant shout into a stale world of Rock.

FFO – Dead Letter Circus /  Breaking Benjamin

Matt Faulkner, frontman of HighView says this about the track.

“Simple life is about conflict, confrontation and control. It’s about trying to maintain perspective in heated moments and trying not to let yourself become absorbed in negative situations. The song also carries themes around the development of your own identity, how knowing who you are and what you value can help you stay focused in order to overcome complex issues, make tough decisions and simplify your surroundings.”

Despite having only been together since 2015, HighView boast an impressive live performance history having shared stages with Voyager, In Hearts Wake and Starset and in 2018, promise to take this even further with an Australian tour kicking off in April.

HighView is
Matt Faulkner – Vocals
Ray Dickson – Drums
Matt Kendrick – Rhythm Guitar
Chris Krajacic – Lead Guitar
Jack Lovell – Bass

HighView Online