When different worlds collide, it usually ends up with a disagreement or a fight, that is not the case with South Coast Punk-O-Metallers Canavar. Firmly crossing the divide between Metal and Punk, this is a band that brings unity to the chaos, a synergy of sounds, bringing something fresh to the musical landscape.

Hailing from Southampton, usually known for its post-hardcore offerings, Canavar have broken the 7th string with their genre-melding style, combining fierce riffs with frenetic energy whilst still managing to provide a memorable melody. With zero plans to write or record a fluffy-love radio-friendly ballad, Canavar took the mould, smashed it and then cast their own out of the carnage that remained.
In their own words:
“We are 4 dudes who met through our love of skateboarding, we had all been in other bands but nothing serious so once we came together, we didn’t just become bandmates, we became brothers.”.

Not just brothers by choice, but also by blood, the entire rhythm section share not only the same band name but the same surname. The synergy doesn’t stop there, 3 of the four band members also work at the same company when they aren’t slaying stages around the UK.
Ahead of their debut self-titled album later this year, Canavar are getting have just released storming their debut single, ‘Sacrilege’, and is available on all major platforms.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Precision (88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against) at Bombshelter studios, Chicago and Brick by Brick studios.

Check out the video for Sacrilege right now:

CanavarĀ are:

Deklan Webb – Vocals / Guitar
Jack Bowden – Guitar
Rowan Rashley – Bass
Toby Rashley – Drums

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