Aussie rockers THE DEAD AMIGOS release their new single ‘Hold Out’, out now on Xray Records.

Formed in early 2016 from the most unlikely late-night encounter, The Dead Amigoshave been unrelenting in spreading their unique sound across Australia. A blend of blues-y stoner rock, psychedelia and funk, the St Kilda four-piece is back with their new single ‘Hold Out’.

Check ou the video here:

Produced by rock legend Tyson Fish (The Living End, Dropkick Murphys, Bad//Dreems), ‘Hold Out’ encapsulates the struggles faced by up and coming bands. In a scene dominated by noise restrictions and lock-out laws, The Dead Amigos hope to give a voice to those struggling to be heard.

Lead singer, Max, describes the song:
“In an age where guitar music is being told to turn down, ‘Hold Out’ is the anthem of raising a middle finger to the establishment. It’s a song that ignites a fire in listeners trying to find their own voice. A song with a message to keep doing what you love, to just keep holding out.”

The Dead Amigos blasted onto the Melbourne scene like a shot to the face. The St Kilda rockers, only formed in March 2016, have already put on two residencies at the iconic Prince of Wales and the sinners playground The Vineyard. Drawing influences from Jack White, The Vines, Pink Floyd, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, their debut self-titled EP combines a blend of genres such as blues, rock, funk and country. It has the variety to tickle taste buds and raw power to invoke rage.

Whilst The Dead Amigos have travelled all across Australia, the band is still championing the St Kilda music community. Paralleling the themes of Hold Out, The band is actively trying to safeguard and ensure that music is still at every pub, club and venue. Most notably to give the lads praise was Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Axis of Justice), who caught a set of The Dead Amigos at Cherry bar after his appearance at Download (Australia) Festival. Hold Out is the first single of the Dead Amigos’ upcoming Album, which is to be released in early 2020.

Max Shepherd – Vocals/Guitar, Steven Reinhardt – Keys/Vocals, Lachlan Beattie Powell – Bass, Sean Ahrbeck – Drums

Hold out is available worldwide now via Xray Records.

Stream the track here: