Devil‘s Gun are back! Hot off the presses, “Sing For The Chaos”, Devil‘s Gun’s new album will showcase the world what heavy metal is all about. This is the real deal. No frills. No punches pulled. No ballads. No bullshit. The band‘s sophomore album includes ten tracks that will make your head spin, your adrenaline rush and work those neck muscles like never before. From speed to boogie with melodies, sharp riffs and choruses that will set ears ablaze around the globe. The album will be released on the 12:th of April and is preceded by the single “Lights Out”, out today. Soon you will get the chance to headbang like you never heard the term whiplash, sing like your vocal chords are made of titanium and play air guitar until you become Yngwe Malmsteen himself. The metal gods are pleased!

“Lights Out”, a first taste of the album, is released today and the band comments;

– Lights out is one of the first songs we wrote for this album together with our producer Patrik Magnusson (RamPac).

It‘s the perfect party starter with its fist-pumping chorus that just makes you wanna shout along to every word.  But that‘s not all there is, as soon as you stop headbanging and lean back to listen to the lyrics you might discover there‘s a darker side to it, the lyrics were written the day after the terror attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. So let‘s play this as loud as hell. It‘s time to bring out the guns and turn the lights out for those bastards!”

Listen to “Lights Out”: