Having received early support from the metal scene of their home country of France, FRCTRD took the sound they created in 2016 to the wider European borders, with the release of their debut single “Burden” and debut EP “Fractured” shortly after. In early 2017, the band announced their signing with We Are Triumphant and a re-release of their debut EP “Fractured”.

Despite dedicating much of their recent history to touring the UK (twice) and setting out on the European circuit with Portuguese deathcore act The Voynich Code (Primordial Records), FRCTRD battled with a hectic schedule – and a series of unfortunate events – to draw together their debut album.

During their first UK tour in 2017, drummer Manu de Labbey suffered a severe case of food poisoning on the very first day after eating too much chicken – something the band advises is entirely possible to do. Despite potentially jeapordising FRCTRD’s ability to continue with the remaining dates, the band were able to continue. Not without a sense of humour, the band now look back on this with a smile on their faces – even claiming to have “a very tight relationship with this animal”. Their fans have responded with an equally sharp wit, and it is not uncommon for chants of ‘Poulet’ (the french word for chicken) to be heard during their performances.

Chickens aside, FRCTRD’s misfortune continued into 2018. Just two weeks before their second UK tour, Manu’s computer – on which the band writes, produces & records all their music – was stolen during a robbery, leaving the band unsure if they would be able to embark on the tour, and suffering a loss of material to their unfinished debut album.

Quick to regain their footing, the band survived the ordeal and are thrilled to welcome a new year with new and exciting things on the horizon. FRCTRD are going to be THE band to watch in 2019!

On the live circuit, FRCTRD have enjoyed the opportunities to perform alongside the likes of I Declare War, Dream On, Dreamer and Shoot The Girl First in 2016. 2017 saw the band perform at UK Tech Fest, as well as the other, aforementioned UK tours.
More touring is planned for 2019 (hopefully without the intervention of any dastardly chickens), which will include more European dates – stay tuned for more from FRCTRD!


Vincent Hanulak – Vocals

Clément Barea – Guitars

Manu de Labbey – Drums

Filip Stanic – Guitars

Sam Tanem – Bass


Twitter – https://twitter.com/wearefrctrd/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wearefrctrd/