MONSTR was born out the ashes of 2020 and a passion to use music as a vehicle for truth. The project is the brainchild of Ian Kaine MacGregor (American Jetset, 23RAINYDAYS, Big Paper Airplanes) and in his words “These songs are not political, religious, or written from any single perspective – they are human.

The aesthetic of MONSTR‘s sound is defined by IKM‘s familiar wail but there is much more below the surface. Driving guitars and pounding drums combine with the sophistication of ambient electronica, glistening synths, and understated harmonies. When it all comes together, their disparate musical influences (Motley Crue, HIM, The Killers) are all on display.

While IKM is the only resident member, each song is a collaboration with like-minded musicians. The first release pairs IKM with former bandmate and current Villains in Vogue bassist, Bryan Kimes. With more music on the way, plans for US dates are in the works. Until then, take a stand for truth and stream MONSTR‘s “Brave New World” on all platforms.