US alt-rock duo NORPHLET are back today with a new single, Fingers Crossed, and a new 3-track EP. The new track offers up atmospheric, grungy guitar sounds, yearning and intelligent vocals and driving drum rhythms – it’s on streaming and download platforms now.

Fingers Crossed is a hopeful yearning for a brighter place, while learning to accept the things we can’t change,” explains singer/guitarist Cody Brown. “Conveyed through hauntingly visceral imagery, Fingers Crossed ruminates on a myriad of universal human emotions surrounding the uncertainties of life and death, and how they shape us.”
When creative people are inspired to do something special, distance never gets in the way. This is definitely the case with NORPHLET, a duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Cody Brown and drummer Taylor Devorsky. Operating out of Texas and California respectively, these long-time friends set out to collaborate in late 2017 despite their geographical limitations, and as a result have crafted a unique blend of 90s indie, adventurous post-rock and hooky pop-punk with an emphasis on writing songs that stick.
NORPHLET’s new EP The Weathermanfeatures three new tracks (Vice Versa, Fingers Crossed andSolamente) and is out now.