Formed in Long Beach, California in 2010 and led by vocalist/guitarist Bill Kielty, pulverising post-sludge trio O ZORN! have forged ahead through the best part of a decade, a noble but troubled force in pursuit of the ultimate heavy expression. Today they announce their new single, Casket, a wall of noise taken from new album, Your Killer, released in full on March 6th, 2020 on Hard Drugs Records.

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A trio of veterans from the Long Beach underground scene, their story began as most do: jams, shows, demos and shirts. More importantly, as Bill and his comrades plied their nascent trade, they conjured a fearless and ferocious sound that moulded the very best of doom, sludge, hardcore and psychedelic extremity into a single, streamlined roar of gargantuan riffing power and fiercely focused angst.

New single Casket is a wall of sound depicting a story of a marine that survives the Vietnam War against all odds, only to come home and his watch his wife battle cancer. In an ever changing World, now with fewer wars than ever before, the story of Casket is a dark reminder that the ROLLING DEATH MACHINE of war is still a haunting memory for those on the battlefield and those at home fighting their own personal hell.

Two years on from the release of their debut O ZORN! are in an unforgiving mood on their long-awaited follow-up, Your Killer. Bigger, bolder, more diverse and yet ever more focused than its predecessor, it showcases the subtle evolution of the band’s sound and the renewed strength drawn from the current line-up of Bill, co-guitarist Billy Mud and drummer Danny Walker.

Recorded at Foo Fighters’ now legendary 606 Studio, using the much-hyped Sound City Neve mixing board, it’s also an album that will remove scalps from 100 paces: once again, the power of Bill and Billy’s riffs collides with Bill Kielty’s mutant poetry and anguished howl, all driven inexorably forward by Danny Walker’s unstoppable battery. This time round, O ZORN! are very plainly ready for the long haul and itching to take this exceptional new material to the people.

Heavy music for the heaviest of times: Your Killer awaits. Download Casket now at

Your Killer track list:

Your Killer


Cult Status

Bandini Mountain


France On Foot



Secret Santa

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O ZORN! are:

Bill Kielty – guitar / vocals

Danny Walker – drums

Billy Mud – guitar