Ravagers hail from Baltimore MD with their own brand of East Coast rock ‘n’ roll. An aggressive mix of late 70’s punk and early hard rock influences thrown into a violent blender of ripping guitars and snotty melodic vocals.

Since forming in 2014, the band has blazed a trail through the US and Canada in support of their previous releases LIVIN’ IN OBLIVION, and NATURAL INSTINCT. While facing countless challenges on and off the road, the band brought Matt Gabs of BITERS into the band to move forward into the 2018 release of Drowning in Blood (Spaghetty Town Records) and their forthcoming 2021 LP “BADLANDS” produced by Tuk Smith (Biters/Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts) and Dan Dixon.  Available for download and streaming on all major sites. Ravagers Social Media Facebook Instagram