Sunday Fed Creek Birds is a collaborative project fronted by Zachary Gabbard of Buffalo Killers.  The premise of the project is bringing different musicians together for a song and a feast hosted at his Howler Hills Farm.

In a day and age that is perhaps too reliant on results and speed rather than quality… If you aren’t careful, you will find that the ‘Rat Race’ is a race for the Rats. Don’t be a Rat in the maze! Don’t chase that cheese! Don’t run the race… “Run to Waste” from Howler Hills was assembled via Zachary Gabbard (Buffalo Killers / Alive Natural Sound) and features a hand-picked line-up of friends, ally’s and comrades who refuse to transcribe to ‘the race.’ Featuring Johnny Walker (Soledad Brothers) and his All Seeing Eyes along with Beth Harris and Chris Erbacher. “Run to Waste” is an anthem for those who were always picked last in gym class, who took 20 minutes to “run” the mile… A song that will find a spot for all those who feel out of place. It’s Sunday, do you know where your sense of self is?

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Photo by Erin Volk