MV’s prog expert picks his top ten

Garry often reviews the prog stuff on here, so its no surprise as to what he picks in his top few.

Top Albums 2016
1: Marillion: F.E.A.R
2: Big Big Train: Folklore
3: Messenger: Threnodies
4: Tilt: Hinterland
5: Ray Wilson: Makes Me Think Of Home
6: Francis Dunnery: Vampires
7: Syd Arthur: Apricity
8: The Anchoress: Confessions Of A Romance Novelist
9: Scott Matthews: Home Part Two
10: Inglorious: Inglorious

Just missing the cut:
Cairo: Say
John Wesley: A Way You’ll Never Be
Lissie: My Wild West
Airbag: Disconnected
Haken: Infinity