John J Presley today announces the release of new single ‘Exhale & Go’ –
Talking about the track, John explains ‘Exhale & Go was written when I was still living in London. At that time I was experiencing pretty bad anxiety and sometimes driving around the capital at it’s busiest after a string of late nights was not ideal. Lyrically the song came from that experience and musically it’s grown over the past few years. Quite intense on many levels – the performance and recording for Albany Sessions focused mainly on the guitar as the main line whereas the original flirted with clarinet too. It’s a song to get lost in for sure, and one of my favourites from this collection.
It is taken from his forthcoming new ‘Albany Sessions’ album.  During the extended stay-at-home order of the last few months, John J Presley found himself operating solo with the guitar and all that surrounded him. Exploring new sounds and ideas for a series of newly penned tracks, some fresh takes of past releases and a stunning cover version of In My Time Of Dying – previously approached by the likes of Dylan & Led Zeppelin – John found an escape in expressing himself without the usual recording session pressures.
Recording, producing and mixing everything himself from his home in Brighton, England, John has pulled the 13 tracks together under the “Albany Sessions” banner and will be releasing them on limited edition vinyl. Accompanied by a series of live videos from the recording process itself the record is being issued as a physical-only release, on a beautiful translucent-red vinyl LP via Music For Heroes on 11th December.  It is available to pre-order now –