The following is based on a true account of how five men managed to rob the Bank of England… and got away with it
There’s a robbery in progress – indeed, it’s been in progress for the last four-and-a-half years. And even though the crime has been committed in plain sight, and the four perpetrators – a blonde, moneyed balderdash-babbling buffoon, his Smeagol-esque svengali, a toad-like former commodities trader whose ‘man-of-the-people’ persona is only his most blatant lie, and an eerie beanpole posho with a penchant for pseudo-intelligent waffle – are among the most (in)famous Britons of the 21st Century, charges have yet to be brought against them. The victims? Every single one of us.
That’s the thrust of ‘Short The Pound’, the second salvo from shape-shifting, polymorphic, mask-wearing duo Four Marks, an account of greed-gone-mad set to synths that swoop like sirens, acid invective, throbbing grooves and hooks as big as those obscene fuck-off skyscrapers that disfigure the City of London.
If their message wasn’t already clear enough, the track comes accompanied by a video clip chronicling this bald-faced robbery of the British people, its guerrilla-filmed narrative of the right-wing ringleaders ransacking the Bank of England a stirring metaphor for the treasonous plot of Brexit.
“If you think about these people profiting off the shorting of the pound, it’s such a self-defeating act of greed,” marvels Four Marks’ founder member [identities currently kept anonymous to protect the innocent]. “They’re making billions at the expense of every ordinary person, as the value of the money in our pockets decreases as the pound crashes. So in that act, the very same billions they’ve heisted has also been devalued. It’s perverse – they’re making the money worthless.”
It’s just one of a number of rich, poisonous ironies thrown up by this unlovable episode in British history. “The hypocrisy of it all it so bald-faced,” marvels the Four Marks frontman. “Farage the anti-EU figurehead has his German wife and children, Rees-Mogg is telling his clients not to invest in a post-Brexit Europe, Johnson’s dad has applied for a French passport…”
‘Short The Pound’ is Four Marks’ first strike in the fightback, filmed at dawn on the streets of the City and involving the groups’ soon-to-be-iconic masked anti-heroes – and those infamous aforementioned villains. A clip a million times more satirical than the new Spitting Image, one you’ll never forget after seeing it. “The mask we got for Boris is a little flappy at the neck,” admit the group. “But we think that added to it somehow.”