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At Maximum Volume Music we are very proud to cover music from diverse genres and it doesn’t matter to us whether the band has a record deal or not.

However, we have a very small team of one Editor a writer and a couple of reviewers and as we all have proper jobs, time is at a premium.

The website is growing to the point where we now have to put rules in place so Andy the Editor can sleep sometimes. Therefore please bear in mind the following things (and apologies if this appears rude as it really isn’t supposed to be).

  1. We WILL look at EVERY submission we get to the website, whether music or news (we will put news on whether we like the band or not within reason – but not everything sent will be used)
  2. We WILL get back to you if we are going use your submission
  3. We can no longer reply to every email
  4. We will review albums only if we like them – none of us can be bothered to write negative stuff as it’s pointless and counterproductive and a waste of precious time. 
  5. We will try and complete album reviews before release date where applicable
  6. Only albums submitted via email at will be reviewed.
  7. Anyone who submits a link to the Facebook page for review will be ignored (unless it’s Iron Maiden)
  8. And anyone who thinks writing to us and saying “we want you to review our album, here is the link, let us know when it’s done” as one  band did, will result in getting a review is mistaken – and that includes Iron Maiden.

We thank you all for your support and we will continue to get bigger with your help!

Andy – Editor, Maximum Volume Music