Garry does some Networking as Dan Reed stops off in Bilston

If there was an award for the ‘Band Having Most Amount Of Fun Onstage’ then the award would surely be given out to the Dan Reed Network…..the reports of the U.K. dates on this tour have been fantastic and this return to the Bilston Robin for the second time in twelve months for the band was no exception……this is a band at the top of their game and in the form of their lives.
The band opened the set with a mix of old & new with ‘Get To You’ & ‘Divided’……this pretty much set the tone for the whole evening, the band’s classic material works perfectly with the new songs from 2016’s superb comeback album ‘Fight Another Day’ and the packed crowd lapped up everything that was dished up to them……mainly due to the fact that the whole gig was basically a request show……I’ve never seen a band just throw the setlist open to the audience asking what they wanted to hear.
Tracks such as ‘Forgot To Make Her Mine’ & ‘Ritual’ transport you right back to a simpler time before mortgages and the spiralling everyday bills that most of us deal with on a day to day basis and a quick glance around the room just highlights how brilliant a great band can make you feel, that was exactly the case for me when the band fired up ‘Cruise Together’…..the very first track I ever heard by the DRN way back in 1989 when I saw Dan & the guys open for Bon Jovi……easily for me track of the night.
The banter between Dan and the band is infectious… feel not just part of the crowd but actually part of the band…..such is the warmth from the stage that filters down into the audience, this is a band who are happy to be back and playing to incredibly receptive crowds, there was even chance for ‘newbie’ Rob Daiker to step out from behind the keys and treat the crowd to a solo track from his new album…..and darn good it was too.
The two hour set seemed to fly by but after set closers ‘Stronger Than Steel’ & ‘Rainbow Child’ the band came back on for a rousing rendition of ‘Tiger In A Dress’ which gave the crowd one last chance to belt out the lyrics……March 2016 saw the return of the DRN after a long time out…..from the look on the band’s faces after last night’s Bilston Robin stop on the 2017 UK tour…..we’ll be seeing them again soon…..on a personal note it can’t come soon enough.
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