Matt Owens and Elles Bailey partner on Another Song About The Devil, the latest track to be lifted from Matt’s new album Scorched Earth – Out Friday 30th October.

Although this was influenced by specific events, it was as much about trying to tap into the danger and corruption that still persists at the top of the tree, seemingly everywhere. I just imagined the Devil pulling over by the side of the road on hearing the headlines on the radio, feeling he was unable to compete with the going-ons of those claiming to have God on their side.
The song was cut in Bath at Mizpah Studios as soon as we were allowed out of the first lockdown, engineered by Marc Macnab-Jack (Reef, The Heavy, Band of Skulls), seeing as we couldn’t make it back to Manchester due to lockdown, (where we’d begun the record.) It was a great opportunity to work with Elles Bailey, who I had been co-writing with for a while, and I wanted a female vocalist to help sell the narrative. Having opened it like a piano ballad, we then turned it on it’s head and used it as an excuse to rock out a bit.


Another Song About The Devil is the latest Single to be lifted from Scorched Earth, the new album from Matt Owens.

Scorched Earth finds Owens at the top of his game. The album follows on from his critically acclaimed 2019 Nigel Stonier-produced album Whiskey and Orchids.

Owens is the archetypal ‘working’ musician, not known for standing still. He co-founded the hugely successful Noah & The Whale, touring the world and playing major festivals to thousands. More recently he has been collaborating with the new crop of UK Americana trailblazers such as Elles Bailey and Robert Vincent (who both grace this record), as well as playing in Thea Gilmore‘s live band on tour, and on her Number 1  album,  Small World Turning.

Scorched Earth will be available digitally worldwide and CDs distributed exclusively via Bandcamp ( and select record stores.