A few weeks ago, German thrash titans DESTRUCTION ended their break from playing live with two impressive shows at the legendary Z7 venue in Pratteln, Switzerland. The sold out shows were immortalised on film and condensed into a mini documentary. Watch the film, here: youtu.be/pPfNeKbd28M 

Schmier states:
“I’m glad that our film team could capture those moments, the first shows after the easing of the rules in Switzerland for concerts, were for sure a special moment for all of us. The fans did a stellar job and the social distancing worked pretty well. For sure much better than in the supermarket or on public transport these days. We all felt safe & sound and although you can not completely avoid contact, you can use your common sense. The precautions and government rules have been implemented well and that was important for everybody involved! It will still be very challenging to bring concerts back into our lives. If masks will be a part of that future or other precautions, the next few weeks will tell. It’s important to take on new challenges and try – instead of doing nothing and just accepting the situation of no shows! DESTRUCTION will continue this path and play a social distanced Open Air concert near to Berlin in August. A concept that has worked for a while in Germany. Thanks for all the support & stay healthy and aware!”

Order the band’s new live album Born To Thrash album digitally here: nblast.de/Destruction-BTTDigital
Pre-order the physical version, in stores July 17th, here: nblast.de/Destruction-BTT

Watch live video for ‘Curse The Gods’youtu.be/D1LCfd_LZ20
Watch the video for ‘Nailed To The Cross’ here: youtu.be/XeB4usY6lAY
Watch and listen to ‘Born To Perish’ here: youtu.be/snMx6KmjzCM

To include all of their loyal fans in this special release, the band initiated an interactive campaign featuring a map where DESTRUCTION fans could sign in and mark the location of the first time they saw the band live. The resulting world map will be part of the album and everyone who participated will be mentioned by name on a poster that comes with the strictly limited album’s physical version. The album will be available on Digipack, Black Vinyl, Red Transparent Vinyl and Picture Vinyl on July, 17th. The pre-order is launching soon so stay tuned and keep an eye on both the band and the label social media platforms for more news.

Singer and bassist Schmier comments on the release:
“This live album is the most spontaneous thing we ever did I think! This is the music business, everything usually takes time and the label does not like surprises. But a good friend of ours spontaneously recorded that Party.San show and we had a film team there that weekend cause we were shooting a movie. 

It was a fantastic show and since the Covid-19 has halted all live concerts, we decided to release this for the fans. This also introduces the current fantastic new line up that not all of our fans have seen live yet cause of the actual situation! We will release three official videos in total during the promo of ‘Born To Thrash – Live In Germany’!  The film crew wasn’t there to record all of the set but our movie will show the scenery behind the stage and the way we try to achieve our goals! So luckily they caught at least some of the stage magic that night! It feels so awesome that we can share this!”

Watch a trailer for the live release: youtu.be/9TJ3fwtuQyg

Destruction 2020 UK & EU Tour

28-Nov-2020 Waregemse Metal Day – Waregem Belgium (DESTRUCTION & WARBRINGER only)
29-Nov-2020 Dynamo – Eindhoven Netherlands
30-Nov-2020 Kesselhaus – Wiesbaden Germany
02-Dec-2020 The Dome – London UK
03-Dec-2020 Academy 3 – Manchester UK
04-Dec-2020 Dolan’s Warehouse – Limerick Ireland
05-Dec-2020 Voodoo Lounge – Dublin Ireland
06-Dec-2020 Slay – Glasgow Scotland
08-Dec-2020 Petit Bain – Paris France
09-Dec-2020  Santana 27 – Bilbao Spain
10-Dec-2020 RCA Club – Lisbon Portugal
11-Dec-2020 Sala But – Madrid Spain
12-Dec-2020 Salamandra – Barcelona Spain
13-Dec-2020 Le Grillen – Colmar France
15-Dec-2020 Bi Nuu – Berlin Germany
16-Dec-2020 U Bazyla – Poznan Poland
17-Dec-2020 Vaudeville – Lindau Germany
18-Dec-2020 Legend Club – Milan Italy

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