Twenty minute meditation singles anyone?

ETHEREAL RIFFIAN was formed in the summer of 2010. After spending several years trying their hand at different genres, all four band members have finally found the sonic vibrations that resounded in unison with their collective consciousness. As the result of this long quest, their debut “Shaman’s Visions” came into existence in 2011.
Within a year, “Dkyil Khor (Sand Mandala)” was added to the band’s discography. This twenty-minute meditational single was written for an exhibition of the Arsenale-Biennale 2012, which was devoted to the transience of time and the search of self.

Second full-length “Aeonian” was released through various labels (Nasoni Records, Mulligore Productions, Tartarus Records and Transubstans Records) and gathered many positive reviews. An eponymous book came out as a result of ETHEREAL RIFFIAN’s intention to fully disclose its ideas and concepts. While working on the narrative, the band realized that from now on, books would become an integral part of their creative work, for they truly reinforce the images created by the music and inculcate them with the listener’s consciousness.
In the beginning of 2016, the band released their live album “Youniversal Voice”, quickly followed by two-track EP “I AM. Deathless”. All releases issued by the band come with a unique packaging aimed at providing an unforgettable experience to the listeners. ETHEREAL RIFFIAN have two main objectives as a band: write unconventional music to to expand the scope of the listener’s musical perception, and shed light on the existence of a subtler plan, whose laws, if understood properly, may help to perceive the reality on a deeper level.
Val Kornev (aka Stonezilla) – guitar/vocal/lyrics
Alexander Kornev (aka SAF) – bass
Max Yuhimenko (aka Southman) – lead guitar
Nikita Shipovskoi (aka Ship) – drums