Their name means “Fast Sound” – good job really

Formed in January 2005 in Santiago – Chile, LEFUTRAY is a Thrash-Groove band formed by Cristian Olivares (Guitar), Yonattan Muñoz (Drums), Juan Vejar (Vocals) and Julio Yañez(Bass Guitar).

¨LEFUTRAY¨ is a Word written in Mapudungún (Mapuche language) and it means “Fast Sound”.

Produced completely by Cristian Olivares, the band has released three studio albums (Frente al fin 2008, Last Breath 2011, Oath 2015), One live album (Live Oxido 2012), two Ep (Unbalance 2014, Homonimo 2007) and one DVD (Sick mosh Africa, 2014).

LEFUTRAY has played in a lot of important venues in Chile, including The Metal Fest, Santiago 2014 and Merkén rock, Temuco 2013. Also, the band have toured in Argentina 2012 and 2013, and Brazil in 2012.

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