The Naveblues are bringing the blues back from the crossroads and into the present with a sound which is as thrilling as it is timeless.

Backed by bass, guitar and drums, the focal point of this Norwegian four-piece is Nave Pundik, a singer and harmonica player seemingly beamed in from another world. “Possess You”, their latest release, is an extraordinary demonstration of Nave’s quite sensational harmonica-playing, conjuring up sounds which cause your spine to twist and your brain to hop.

With an accompanying atmospheric video which allows the music to speak for itself, The NaveBlues are bringing music from the early part of the twentieth century into the present day and allowing it to break free from its pigeonhole and introduce itself to indie, rock, soul and all places in between. The NaveBlues give Pundik the opportunity to play the harmonica in the same way that a virtuoso electric guitar player might unleash a breath-taking solo and a battery of riffs.
Other recordings by the band include a fascinating (and epic!) interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”, taking what was originally a quite simple, plaintive song and broadening the scope both musically and visually, the video released alongside it following the story of one of the first Earthlings on Mars as they struggle to adapt to the loneliness they experience.
The NaveBlues defy any expectations the listener might have about the blues as a genre, this is music for fans of exceptional musicianship, great song-writing and who are ready to embrace a sound which has elements of the familiar taken to places way up in the stratosphere.