Like Pirate metal? You’ll love this. 

There is a new force in the world of metal. SHIP OF THE LINE have released their debut single, “The Downfall of Piracy” today, hearkening a new era of epic music. Adapted from a poem attributed to Benjamin Franklin, the hook laden track celebrates the defeat of the famed pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard who after a furious battle was apprehended and beheaded by the valiant Lt. Robert Maynard of the Royal Navy on Nov. 22nd, 1718, precisely 298 years to the day from the single’s release.
Headed by the brave Captain Hobbs, SHIP OF THE LINE stand ready to defend the cause of epic music worldwide. The Admiralty have released the following statement:
For too long have the nefarious forces of piracy held sway over the airwaves. We will no longer stand for such knavery. SHIP OF THE LINE are here to challenge all so-called ‘Pirate Metal’ bands for supremacy of the high seas! GOD SAVE THE KING!”
The single is available via Bandcamp, with iTunes and further distribution to follow.
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