SOMALI YACHT CLUB is a psychedelic/stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine.

Formed in 2010 as a jam band, Somali Yacht Club quickly transformed from a side-project into the main musical activity of its members. In August 2011 they self-released their first four-song EP “Sandsongs”, followed by a single “Desert Walls” in 2013. In their first full-length “The Sun” they changed their musical direction from straightforward to more abstract and progressive. The album blends stoner, blues, dub, shoegazing, psychedelic rock, and post rock and beautifully wraps all these styles in fuzz in a very thoughtful, cohesive, and atmospheric way causing its listeners to experience a multitude of emotions and attitudes.

In early 2018, the band is set to release their second album “The Sea” on CDs and vinyl. SOMALI YACHT CLUB‘s second album takes the band’s sound to the next level and shows musical progression of the Ukrainian outfit.