Sheffield Rap / Funk / Metal troupe Soul Fire Saints released their new single “Rock ‘N’ Brawl” digitally on Alya Records on the 7th of July.

Founded in 2012, the Soul Fire Saints are Taylor, Jow, Andy, Ol and Lee, a group of old school friends who hail from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the UK.

The track blends Red Hot Chili Peppers style vocals, with a rough and ready Rage Against The Machine style guitar backdrop. Just as with their previous releases, “Rock ‘N’ Brawl” ignites your adrenal gland and shoots your neurons into a state of passion and energy.

We wrote this track to personify us as a band. However cliché it sounds, we think that this track is the most ‘Us’” Says Taylor. “We wanted to blend the Californian funk metal influence with a little bit of Sheffield charm.”

“Rock ‘N’ Brawl” is the first in a series of singles that will make up Soul Fire Saints’ next EP which will be released in autumn.