Bay area metallers 

Born out of the late eighties in the SF Bay Area by childhood friends Matt Ulricksen (vocals), Joel Pershing (Drums) and Matt Gonzales (Bass). The friends would later become 3/4 of the band UNITED. Teeth were cut on such legendary bands as KISS, Iron Maiden, U.F.O., and Queensryche. After a short search, Donny Brunk (guitars) rounded out the final lineup. Rehearsing, writing and playing live ensued, garnering some strong attention. The band entered the studio and recorded five songs for a demo to be used to get to the next step. Despite a strong start, they disbanded less than a year after forming and the material never saw the light of day.

Matt Ulricksen was recruited by up and coming Bay Area thrash band MILITIA. Supporting acts such as Fates Warning, Overkill, Metal Church, as well as local SF favorites Vio-lence and Forbidden. Eventually recording the album “Fiend of misery”, released on Stormspell Records.

Fast forward to 2016. Realizing that the band had never reached their true potential, a decision was made to begin writing new material. The five tracks recorded were brought to Tim Narducci (Systematic/Spiral Arms/The Watchers) to be remastered. The Material was released in the form of a 5 song EP entitled “Subconscious Endeavor” on 10/19/2016. Their full length follow up, tentatively titled “Passed Presence” should be available in 2017.