Multi-talented duo Everette – consisting of Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia – have announced part one of their two-part album produced by Luke LairdKings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot – Side A, out this Friday, October 2nd via BMG/BBR Music Group.
“We don’t care where you come from,” Brent Rupard of Everette says.“Whether you’re a city person or a country person or from Mars, you’re always welcome at the Everette party.”
Rooted in country, rock & roll, southern storytelling, and heartland hooks, Everette is glued together by two Kentucky natives who write their own songs, play their own instruments, and proudly blur the boundaries between themselves and their audience. For the boys, music is all about community. It’s about connection. That’s why the duo’s motto — “We are Everette” — isn’t just a statement about the musical bond shared by bandmates Brent Rupard and Anthony Olympia. It’s a reference to the communal bonds they share with their fans, too.
Everette – named after George Clooney’s philosophy-spouting, folk-singing character in O Brother, Where Art Thou – both co-wrote all 14 songs on Side A and Side B, teaming up with collaborators like Bryan Simpson, the Warren Brothers, Brent Cobb, Matt Jenkins, and Bobby Pinson along the way. Before recording those songs with GRAMMY-winning producer Luke Laird (Cam, Jake Owen, Kacey Musgraves), they whittled them into shape during a monthly residency at the Springwater Supper Club & Lounge, a no-frills dive bar sporting one of Nashville’s smallest stages where they packed the room each show with both music industry and fans alike.
Split into two parts, Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot is based on that spot everyone went to with their friends where they gained their first taste of freedom. The first half of the album, Side A, makes an impact of its own. There are wild ‘n’ rowdy drinking songs (“Dang the Whiskey”), falling-in-love salutes (“Way Back”), country-rock breakup anthems (“Break it to Me”), and tributes to the wives who’ve supported Brent and Anthony’s dreams for years (“Love Me Like I Am”). From the funky, party-ready guitar riffs that kick off the EP’s opening track, “Can’t Say No,” to the heartfelt lyrics that turn “Momma, I’ll Be Okay” into a touching tribute to family, Side A is modern country music at its finest: one part twang, one part rock & roll attitude, and a generous dose of anthemic hooks. The lyrics may be biographical, but these songs are for everyone. They’re not just Everette’s stories, after all. They’re ours.

To celebrate the announce of Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot yesterday, Everette hosted a charitable livestream show sponsored by Country Fuzz at Nashville’s illustrious venue, The Basement, with proceeds from the show going to Second Harvest Food Bank. Launching October 5th, the guys will host their “Seven Songs in Seven Days” series where the duo will acoustically perform a different song from the album each night at 7pm CT / 1am BST on Instagram Live. Following the performance, they will chat with the respective co-writers talking about writing the songs, the process, etc. Upon album release, Everette will be announcing details of their “Love Your Neighbor” series – a series of backyard shows where they (safely) perform for friends, family, fans, and neighbours. Whether they’re old, young, from New York City, or a small dot on a map – this is just a glimpse as to how Everette fits in with everybody and everybody fits in with Everette.

Rooted in contemporary country, rock & roll, southern storytelling, and heartland hooks, Everette’s music unfolds like the soundtrack to a backyard party where the kegs are tapped, the music is loud, and everyone’s on the guest list. Signed to Broken Bow Records, the duo was selected for CMA’s second EVER KixStart Class as one of the three acts chosen out of nearly one hundred candidates. Named after George Clooney’s philosophy-spouting, folk-singing character in O Brother, Where Art Thou? — the guys honed their craft in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they cut their teeth playing four shows a week while attending Western Kentucky University. There they attracted a diverse community of fans and friends from teachers to hippies to working professionals. Learning that they fit in with everyone and everyone fits in with them, this helped whittle Everette’s salt-of-the-earth songwriting and top-shelf musicianship which soon lead them to Nashville. Already accumulating rave critical review, Everette’s music has been described as “high-energy grooves and airtight harmonies” by Billboard, “soulful, laid-back twang-pop with clever lyrics and catchy hooks” by Rolling Stone and  “… laid-back couple of dudes who blend gritty rhythms with wavering harmonica and mesmerising slide guitar” by Taste of Country. They are set to release their two-part studio album Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking – Side A out October 2 with Side B to be announced at a later date.