Low Cut Connie released the new single ‘Help Me’ accompanied by censored and uncensored versions of the official music video. Frontman Adam Weiner self-directed the video and explains, “We had big plans for the video, an elaborate dance piece. But quarantine changed the deal. It became a no-frills, anti-production piece. Naked in every sense of the word. I brought all the psychic terrors of this time into the room and just tried to sweat it out.” The single appears on the forthcoming album Private Lives out October 13th via Contender Records / MidCitizen Records.



The jittery ‘Help Me’ is a plea for understanding at a time when compassion is running in short supply. “That’s me shooting straight from the hip,” says Weiner. “I just sorta opened up my brain for a quick second and spit this out. Listening back later, it feels very real.”

Like much of the album, it’s an ode to the odd and the eccentric, to the alienated and the broken, and a daily search for liberation. The swaggering title track, which Rolling Stone called an “upbeat piano-rocker” and NPR Music’s Ann Powers called “The freak anthem we need right now,” opens the album with a look at the vitality and humanity of subcultures that come to life behind closed doors, while the searing ‘Look What They Did’ grapples with the devastation left behind after the predatory corruption of Donald Trump and his associates ravaged Atlantic City.

The album has so far been praised by Rolling StoneNPR Music, WNYC’s All of ItPaste MagazineMagnet Magazine, and many more including SPIN Magazine who included Low Cut Connie as #24 in their 50 Best Rock Bands Right Now saying Private Lives“is charged up with thoughtful party anthems like ‘The Fucking You Get (For the Fucking You Got),’ and on track to be the roots-rock album of the year.”

Low Cut Connie continues his ‘Tough Cookies’ livestream shows every week on Saturdays at 6pm ET / 11pm UK across the band’s social media profiles and Thursdays at 6pm ET / 11pm UK on his Patreon page. The shows have been praised by Rolling StoneThe Philadelpia Inqurier, and Ann Powers, who in conversation with NPR’s All Things Considered said, “[Low Cut Connie’s] hitting new levels of superstardom with these shows… he makes it feel like you’re at Madison Square Garden, all the way up to having audience participation, getting people to sing along.”

Low Cut Connie’s performance for frontline workers at the Southern Ocean Medical Center hospital in Manahawkin, NJ on May 13 was featured on VICE News. After viewing Weiner’s ‘Tough Cookies’ livestream from their hospital, they invited him to perform one of the first safe, socially-distanced concerts in the country where they performed original material, covers requested by the staff and the hospital’s signature ‘Song of Hope,’ ‘Here Comes The Sun’.

With five albums released to date, select highlights from the band’s impressive career include endorsements from Barack Obama and Elton John, a performance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and a spot on Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of the Decade list for their album Call Me Sylvia.

Private Lives Tracklist:
1) Private Lives
2) Help Me
3) Now You Know
4) Run To Me Darlin
5) Take a Little Ride Downtown
6) Wild Ride
7) If I Die
8) It Don’t Take A Genius
9) Look What They Did
10) Tea Time
11) The Fuckin You Get (for the Fuckin You Got)
12) Quiet Time
13) Charyse
14) Nobody Else Will Believe You
15) What Has Happened To Me
16) Let It All Hang Out Tonite
17) Stay As Long as You Like