n its fresh and bursting existence, Jordan Allen are already declaring
themselves as an outfit with luscious and lip-biting high ambitions
that has audiences from as far as Canada, Australia and Germany
being lured in by the sirens of complete and utter cathartic post-punk

The band have surpassed expectations by announcing a headline
show at the revered O2 Ritz Manchester (1400 capacity) with festival
dates and album promotional tour dates to come. The forthcoming
months look to include travelling all of UK for its summer festival
seasons, and with the momentum gained from said shows the band
aspire to bring the year to a close with a highly awaited debut album
Coming off of a SOLD OUT comeback show at Gorilla, Manchester,
and full support tour with the formidable Slow Readers Club , the 5-
piece outfit will be joining The Reytons on their upcoming sold out
tour around the UK – proudly bearing the flag of their newly sewn
songs such as ‘Never Give It Up ‘(Sep ’19) and the highly anticipated
new single This Is The Rapture (Released on 7th Feb 2020) where
listeners witness the band going into darker and meatier depths of their sound repertoire.

Both recent songs have been conjured together by long standing producer David Rahad-Jones at the helm, the band has now fortified themselves in an even further enhanced live show consisting of : the dramatic and story laden vocals of Jordan Allen , the bombastic percussive war cry played by Aílis Mackay on the drums, the rumble and backbone from Kieran Loughran on bass guitar and a synchronous blend of new additions Josh Hall
and Myles Graham on Lead and Rhythm guitar respectively. “This is it. The moment we’ve been waiting for, since the day we finished recording we’ve been waiting to for
people to hear this song. It’s dark, it’s horrible and it reflects the place we’ve been in.

We’re crawling back from the dead once again, stronger than ever with the best band line up we’ve ever had. I’m itching to get back infront of those crowds and to walk out on stage at the Ritz. The next 6 months will change the way people think about this band forever.” – Jordan Allen