Hailing from Dayton, Ohio ABERTOOTH LINCOLN are an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band. Their music is heavy, weird, complicated and can flip genres within seconds. But the bottom line is they are unique and refreshing. On the back of their recent single and video Hell House, ABERTOOTH LINCOLN have dropped a new single Soup For My Family via Riot Records. Again, it is another tour de force of musical innovation

This song is a response to the violent and subversive actions taken by undercover federal officers, police and right-wing militia against BLM protesters during the summer of 2020 in US cities. In Portland, Oregon people were literally pulled off of the street and forced into unmarked cars for simply protesting. The military sought to use heat ray guns against protesters in DC in September. Federal troops were sent into cities, and there are countless, documented examples of “mysterious people” taking actions to discredit the movement, doing things such as “brick baiting” or vandalizing property in an effort to distort the story and incite further destruction that could then be blamed on the protests. Then you have police gassing the streets to make way for Trump to stand in front of a church, bible in hand, for a photo shoot. Sounds like some ‘Escape from New York’ level fiction, but it’s really happening. This is our very angry song about it.”