Russia’s largest post-rock act I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER (IWFYLS) have released new single ‘Je Me Demande (feat. Gdeto)’, the final single from forthcoming new album, Self-Defense, set for release on 2nd October via Trou Blanc.

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Comments Bassist Evgenii Popov“Je Me Demande is the last single from our Self-Defense album. Even a fleeting sensual and emotional connection is capable of shifting the focus of our conscious mind from the lowest and darkest aspects of existence to the ones brimming with vibrancy and vitality. Such love may appear intangible to the extreme, fictitious, and even ephemeral, but in truth it feels more real than the reality itself, for said reality has long turned into a digital ghetto devoid of physical connections and emotions.”

It’s the trio’s third full-length album since their inception in 2011 and explores the idea of detachment while living in a modern city. The band explain: “While it seems people got closer in terms of communication and even physically in reality it’s quite opposite. The modern world generates new ways to feel loneliness. The inspiration also comes from the authors of classics of the dystopian novels: from Yevgeny Zamyatin to George Orwell. Self-Defense is a metaphor for the struggle with the outside world and with oneself. This is the band’s most emotional and overwhelming album, full of reflection and loneliness, set in the modern world and the near future.”

From their inception in 2011, I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER have been on a sonic discovery across their wide discography of three albums and four EPs. With an electronic foundation, their progressive sound coasts through post-rock, house, synthwave, and recently more ambient and mellow backdrops. They keep a strong cinematic presence at their core, most notably influenced by band member Sasha Sokolov’s extensive trailer work for films like Jurassic World, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Insurgent. These elements combined see I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER travelling new ground with every release, consistently giving their listeners a refreshing and enticing musical experience.

I AM WAITING FOR YOU LAST SUMMER’s live performance vivifies their music with an active and bolstering presence in concert. They have played alongside 65daysofstatic, Alcest, Maybeshewill, RosettaAs We Keep Seatching, The American Dollar, and performed at SXSW 2018 & 2019, at Dunk! Festival in Belgium and Magnetic Fields in India.

Self-Defense will be released worldwide on 2nd October via Trou Blanc. Pre-order here.

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