3MS Music are delighted to announce the release of ‘The Chronicles of Dr. Leddfoot’ from Headline Maniac on June 2019 on CD format [Cat No 3MS024CD].  This is Headline Maniac’s second studio album and, over the course of a dozen new songs, it tells the story of a fictional character who, on the outside, is a decent and well-respected pillar of society but, behind closed doors, he hides dark secrets and desires .

Headline Maniac‘s members are Ian ‘Dipster’ Dean on Bass /vocals, Simon Bowley on Drums and Chris Taylor on Guitar.  All three have enjoyed worldwide success as long serving members of UK pioneers of Punk legends Eddie & the Hotrods. Together they toured the world and played a huge number of fantastically well-received shows to an army of fans who will no doubt come with them on this the next stage of their journey.

Headline Maniac initially formed as a side project but as the debut album received critical acclaim from the music press and rock radio stations the guys decided it was worth a follow up album.  With Eddie & the Hotrods entering the valedictory stage of their career it is perhaps time for the Headline Maniacstory to really pick up pace.

‘The Chronicles of Dr. Leddfoot’ is an ambitious – and, crucially, enormously entertaining – record that showcases the fizz and energy that anyone would expect given the recent history of the protagonists. Mix into that a narrative arc and this becomes an album that really rewards the listener. These Maniacs know what they are doing…