Or, more sensibly, its The Midlands Metal Crusade next Saturday, and it’s gonna be a belter

The autumn edition of the now twice yearly celebration of all things heavy blinking metal takes place next weekend, and yet again the mother of metal in the West Midlands, Hils Ovation, has put together a bill that leaves mere mortals slack jawed and saying: “How does she do it?!”

Headlined by reactivated Northamptonshire gods Raging Speedhorn, and with an outing for the new line-up of the mighty Fire Red Empress, as well as the self-styled “evil rock n roll” of the Heretic Order, it promises to be a bit special.

As Hils put it herself:  “This is getting scarily close now with just over a week to go. Those that have been before, you know what it’s all about. Those that haven’t, it’s time you found out!!! It’s a celebration of the finest bands all under one roof proving we’re STILL the home of heavy metal!!!”

“With Burden of the noose Eradikator Gehtika Our World Below? Slaughter Horse Toward the Grave Fire Red Empress The Heretic Order AND Raging Speedhorn you will not find a better gig for your money!!


Nationally renowned headliners are one thing , but as always with the Crusade, its as much about the local talent. Brutal Brummie sludge merchants Burden Of The Noose, fresh from playing Bloodstock are back again  while there’s slots for Gethika, Slaughter Horse and Our World Below? as well as Toward The Grave, one of the most impressive bands at the Wolves version of Metal 2 The Masses.

Special mention to, for Birmingham’s brilliant Eradikator, who have casually just released the best thrash album of 2015. (read MVM’s review here)


IT’S ONLY £8!!!! It’s 8yr+ too so bring the kids!

Doors 3pm