‘Cedar City Sweetheart’ is the new country music album from singer/songwriter Andy Gabbard (Buffalo Killers) available March 22 on all streaming services.

On his new album, Cedar City Sweetheart, Andy Gabbard (the mystically prolific songwriting virtuoso of Buffalo Killers fame) has gone psychedelic country. It’s a full length Western expedition across cosmic American terrain featuring Sven “Kahnso” Kahns on pedal steel, M Ross Perkins on keys, Leslie Jankowski on fiddle and Ryan Wells on banjo.

One of the album’s clear standouts, Lonesome Psychedelic Cowboy, is a song that would sound right at home coming through the tin can speakers of an 18-wheeler packed full of Mexican hash as it cruises at a cool 55 down a 2-lane Texas highway. Gabbard’s rugged draw, dipping low just a hair at the end of each line à la Gram Parsons’ Christian Life, showcases not only the Ohio songslinger’s native vocal grit, but also his unmistakable gift for stringing together authentic, organic American melodies that practically reach out and light your joint for you.

Treat yourself to Andy Gabbard’s Cedar City Sweetheart, out March 22nd on streaming services worldwide.”