Swedish classic rock/A.O.R. supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA have released a brand new album teaser video and single for ‘Cabin Pressure Drops.

Watch the official video here: https://youtu.be/FRYk8wilx54
Purchase/stream the single here: https://nblast.de/TNFOCabinPressureDrops

Listen to ‘Cabin Pressure Drops’ in the NB New Releases Playlists:
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Earlier this year, the band announced that they had started recording the successor of 2018’s ‘Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough’, which is due for a 2020 release. The band have been working at the Nordic Sound Labs using the same drum kit that was used during the recordings of ABBA‘s 1980 mega album ‘Super Trouper’!

The band comments:
“So, you thought you knew what THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA was all about? You were sure that they were all about good times, boogie-woogie, radio-friendly A.O.R.? Damn, you were wrong. The one thing that has kept those ageing Swedish hearts beating for so long is DRAMA! Internal conflicts, external conflicts, rumours and exaggerations. 

Sometime early next year, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA will release their new album. It is a street opera based upon shattered dreams, broken illusions, and the fact that we are all something much less than the person we were supposed to be. But in the darkness there’s always a glimmer of hope. And from that glimmer of hope, with the right mindset, you can sculpt and create a whole lot of Swedish classic rock melodrama.

Most bands are teasing with clips from the studio and interviews with various band members talking about how excited they are about the new material. THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA are beyond excited. Therefore, they’ve decided to release a tiny soap opera instead, set against the background of the instrumental ‘Cabin Pressure Drops’, available on every streaming service near you.

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA would like to remind you that this is only the beginning…”

Back in June of this year, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA released a brand new single ‘Satellite.’ Watch the official music video for the track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLmo5gbZI0A

The single was recorded mostly in NSL studios, Skara, Sweden by THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA and Thomas Plec Johansson, mixed by Sebastian Bremen Forslund and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson, with a video directed by René U Valdes. The song includes guest features by a variety of musicians, such as Rachel Hall from British progressive rock icons BIG BIG TRAIN.

‘Satellite’ also features the following guest musicians
Rachel Hall – violin
Daniel Fäldt – kaval
Rasmus Ehrnborn – percussion
Johan Coma Courten Svensson – percussion

You can catch the band live in 2020 at the following dates:
01.05 – N, Kopervik – Karmøygeddon Metal Festival
29. – 31.05. – D, Gelsenkirchen – Rock Hard Festival
11.09. – USA, Atlanta, GA – ProgPower USA

The band’s latest album ‘Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough’ was released on June 29th, 2018 and garnered critical acclaim by both fans and media alike, charting in various European territories and peaked at #16 in Germany. Order the album here: http://nblast.de/TNFOWorldAintEnough

Following the release, the band went on an extensive and highly successful club tour throughout Europe and also re-released their classic early albums ‘Internal Affairs’ and ‘Skyline Whispers’ – now available on vinyl for the first time ever here: http://nuclearblast.com/tnfo-reissues

Björn Strid – vocals
Sharlee D’ Angelo – bass
David Andersson – guitar
Richard Larsson – keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck – drums
Sebastian Forslund – guitar, percussion, special FX
Anna-Mia Bonde – backing vocals
Anna Brygård – backing vocals