Norwegian progressive rockers LEPROUS have started recordings for their 6th studio album, expected to be released later in 2019 via InsideOutMusic.


LEPROUS recently entered the studio to record drums and Baard Kolstad checked in with this comment:

“We entered the studio to record the drums for half of the album last week with David Castillo @ Ghostward/Fascination Street Studios, same studio as we recorded the 2 latest studio albums. As an over autistic control freak I am when recording myself, this time around I had more time than ever to perfectionise and experiment with my sound almost without compromises, so a big thanks to Einar and David for their patience!
We also recorded 1 song together, drums and bass, something neither LEPROUS or I have ever done before. Feeling very good to leave the drum recording for now, focusing on the last half of the album to be recorded in May. I’m so looking forward to hear the outcome just in a few days when the guitarists have put their touch. Will be a different LEPROUS album for sure, but still LEPROUS!”

After having toured restlessly across European and North America, LEPROUS are currently on their debut tour of  Latin America this week as next step of their touring cycle for their current and much acclaimed album release “Malina”. Here is a list of all upcoming dates for 2019 announced so far (Newest additions marked *):

LEPROUS – Latin American Tour 2019:

05.03.2019 Santiago (Chile) – Club Chocolate

07.03.2019 Santiago (Chile) – Club Chocolate

08.03.2019 Buenos Aires (Argentina) – El Teatrito

10.03.2019 Sao Paulo (Brazil) – Carioca Club

LEPROUS Live 2019:

22.03.2019 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Prognosis Festival

23.03.2019 San Gwann (Malta) – Metal Over Malta

06.04.2019 Paris (France) – Heart Sound Metal Festival *
27.04.2019 Toulouse (France) – Slasher Metal Fest
07.06.2019 Bergen (Norway) – Close To The Rain *

09.06.2019 Tomas (Portugal) – Comendatio Music Fest

29.06.2019 Madrid (Spain) – Download Festival *
23.08.2019 Suceava (Romania) – Bucovina Rock Castle *

More dates to be announced soon…

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