With weeks to go before the release of WOLF JAW’s highly anticipated forthcoming studio album ‘The Heart Won’t Listen’, the Cannock-based trio have unveiled a brand new single, pulled directly from the album’s core. The album is now also available to pre-order via this link.

Arriving on October 25th via Listenable Records, WOLF JAW’s debut studio release collects ten blues-infused rock anthems, with a bonus track available exclusively on physical CD purchases of the album. Despite the album’s arsenal of wildly emotive vocals, killer riffs and pumping grooves aplenty, the third single from Tom Leighton, Dale Tonks and Karl Selickis takes pause to reflect on some of the darker times, showcasing a more raw and vulnerable side to the band.

Directly addressing his inner demons, WOLF JAW vocalist Tom Leighton vehemently confronts both literal and figurative emotional captors, pointing an accusatory finger and calling out their wrongdoings before breaking into a simple, yet incredibly powerful statement of utter defiance; “You can’t have a Piece of Me”.

“This is one of my favorite songs on the album, for a number of reasons. It’s the closest we get to a ballad, but it means a lot to me personally,” comments Leighton, who recently released a statement via Planet Rock to thank the band’s fans for their support after their music equipment was stolen during a recent tour with US rock outfit Crobot.

“‘Piece of Me’ houses some of the most emotionally-charged lyrics I’ve ever written. At the time of writing this song I was being pulled from pillar to post with certain aspects of life. It’s something we all go through, but it can be so consuming and so isolating that you can easily lose your way and forget who you are and what’s important to you. In times like this, it’s vital to say yes to the right things, and no to others. This song is about making the right choices for yourself. It’s a song of defiance, for sure, but if anything its a story that works out in the end – just as it has done for me, and will do for anyone going through such a time.”

Following their recent UK tour with Crobot throughout July, WOLF JAW garnered praise from Kerrang! Magazine for their “riffs dirtier than a bucket of double-fried chicken”. Soon, those riffs will be available to fans and newcomers alike, as the band’s debut album ‘The Heart Won’t Listen’ arrives on 25th October via Listenable Records.

WOLF JAW’s ‘The Heart won’t Listen’ can be pre-ordered via this link. See more from Listenable Records artists on their website, and follow them on Facebook for regular news and updates.

Tom Leighton – Guitar/Vocals
Dale Tonks – Bass/Vocals
Karl Selickis – Drums

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Twitter – @ThisIsWolfJaw
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