Adrian Sutherland’s debut single Politician Man is an award-winning protest song born out of remote Northern Canada that is rippling worldwide – with activity growing in the US right now.

Politician Man was sparked by a crisis in Sutherland’s isolated Cree village of Attawapiskat, when a state of emergency was declared over contaminated water. Fed-up with politicians blaming each other while doing nothing, lack of action that spans decades, and ‘third-world conditions’ that exist for Indigenous Peoples in Canada, Sutherland decided to use his music to send a message:

“The relationship between Canada and First Nations has been difficult for a long time. Politician Man is about this relationship, and the need for all of us – politicians, chiefs, leaders, Indigenous people, all people – to start listening to each other, and move past the blaming. We all need to do our part. That’s the message in the song.”

Since the release of the Americana-style protest song, it climbed to #1 spot on the internationally-recognized Indigenous Music Countdown, while the powerful music video garnered a prestigious award from one of Canada’s oldest film festivals. It has earned 52k views on YouTube, 32k Spotify spins, and airplay on Radio in Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, with increasing spins on American campus and community radio. Given the current state of politics in the USA… the lyrics are eerily fitting for Donald Trump, and totally by chance, too…

People from around the globe have been reaching out to say they embrace the sentiment of the song, says Sutherland: “I think the themes in Politician Man are relevant no matter where you live. There is so much turmoil today, and every country has struggles and issues with their political systems. Ordinary people often feel like they don’t have a voice, and movements happening right now are reflective of that. We all need our politicians to listen more, and to stop playing politics.”


Watch: Politician Man

**51k views YouTube**


Watch: Heart of Gold – Neil Young Cover (with verse in Cree):

**Shot in Adrian’s remote Northern community**

**239k views YouTube**