Broken Machine is a Post Grunge/Rock band hailing from California who are fronted by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Schyler Douglas. Douglas has had a history of drug addiction in his past and was imprisoned for several months due to heroin use which he has since quit.

The band have a three track EP out which opens with the title track ‘Fly Me To The Sun’

This track has an awful lot going on with some grungy riffs, but I thought there was a real feel of sixties psychedelia to it and some hints of Brit art rockers Suede. A wonderful ear worm of a song.

The singer has stated that the song is about “taking LSD and going through the transformation of shedding one’s own skin: burning everything that was oneself and remembering one’s unity with the universe.”

I not sure what the title `1913` refers to but this track is a lot more reminiscent of the whole grunge era offerings with a chorus line of “Freak Out” that will get into your head and have you singing it all day. `Sweet Mary Jane` closes this offering and could possibly be a slang reference to marijuana but maybe that`s just an interpretation due to the singer`s advocation of transformations experienced through taking psychedelics. Nevertheless it`s another well structured and wonderfully melodic number which highlight`s the frontman`s varied vocal range.

The band have been around for a while but reveal that this debut single marks the beginning of an array of recorded works being released. I for one look forward to hearing the fruits of their labour.

Rating 9/10