MV new boy Keith makes a confession 

I have a confession to make. When The Dead Daisies first started to get airtime on Planet Rock I greeted them with a shrug of the shoulders, despite ‘Lock and Load’ having a hook to die for and Slash guesting on the single. The first album and then Revolucion slipped quietly into my iTunes without really troubling my conscious further.  And then it all started to change.  Last year the album and single ‘Make some Noise’ arrived and boy did it.  Suddenly the fuzzy awareness of who they were came into focus and on the back of a series of excellent reviews of their live show, I bit the bullet and bought tickets to Birmingham gig on the UK tour. And here we are today with the release of the live DVD from that tour

Finally with a (relatively) settled line up this DVD captures the energy of the live show alongside a series of interviews with the band members who discuss how their relationships gel and how the whole gig experience comes together. The fact that there is the Whitesnake connection certainly helps their understanding and the smiles between the band members on stage reflects the warmth that they obviously felt for each other.

The live show crackles and with opener ‘Long way to go’ kicking off the set, the energy levels are high from the off.  John Corabi is a good old fashioned front man who engages his audience and has them singing their hearts off on a cover of The Who’s ‘Join Together’ which along with the ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Midnight Moses’ and ‘Helter Skelter’ combine as fine a selection of cover versions as you could choose.

The DVD has 45 minutes of extras from the tour and some video clips in addition to 40 minutes of interviews with the band members which, whilst they are fun, are never going to be earth shattering. They do, however, show the band answering a series of set questions and discussing their love of music and of The Dead Daisies.

One can but hope that this line up stays together long enough to go back into the studio and record a new album, rather than persisting with the revolving door policy of previous albums. In the meantime until that happens, if you went to one of the gigs, then this live DVD will be an essential purchase to remind you of what a great gig you saw. If you didn’t see them live, then buy this as a stop gap until the next tour and buy a ticket to it!