The John Butler Trio are a roots / rock band hailing from Fremantle, Australia, led by John Butler with Byron Luiters (Bass) and Grant Gerathy (Drums & Percussion). `Home` is their seventh studio album release and follow up to 2014`s `Flesh & Blood`.

The album kicks off with “Tahitian Blue” and it`s a little different to what I would expect. A very rootsy, folky, kind of world music feel but a tune that I found very uplifting. Sitting here on the cusp of a British Winter, I could almost imagine I was out in the central Southern Pacific Ocean. `Wade in the Water` is a more laid-back bluesy affair with some nice guitar fretwork throughout. A track I much enjoyed.  More bluesy guitar work accompanies the entrancing percussive beat that underpins `Just Call` an aching plea of friendship. `Running Away` is built around a thumping percussive beat and catchy fretwork. The vocals have a real melancholic feel to them. A song about the loneliness of touring and wanting to be back in familiar surroundings follows with title track `Home`. The emptiness and separation, both human and physical, can almost be felt with the despair in Butler`s voice as he pleads over a quite hypnotic percussive beat. A more straight forward rock song comes with `Miss Your Love` a narrative about relationship issues. `Faith` opens with some intricate guitar picking before heading into quite a fast-paced tune with lyrics sang at such a stride they are nearly spat out. Two songs are shared that are slower, much more reflective and introspective with first `Methadone & Cigarettes` then `Tell Me Why”.

I found `Brown Eyed Bird` a bit confusing. It started with an almost electronic entrancing feel with some distant vocals, before hurtling into a full-on rock mode before again slipping back to that transcendent feel, only to finish with a rock out.

`You Don’t Have To Be Angry Anymore` is another quite different offering. It feels as if the band are experimenting with a different style. The album closes with `We Want More` which is quite an anthemic piece with a strong drum beat, intricate guitar work and the sing a long chorus of the title. This is quite an Intriguing album that the narrator was trying to reflect the deeply personal, critical yet redemptive nature of his inner and outer worlds, what he was experiencing and observing during this latest chapter of his life. He has been open about how he has dealt with some anxiety issues and this comes across in this honest and cathartic reflection of his personal thoughts and relationships. There is much to be applauded in this latest offering from this talented musician and his band.

Rating 8 /10