Melodic rock which hits the heights

This is a band created from the ashes of Sacred Heart, namely frontman Paul Stead & lead guitarist Mark Stephenson and also featuring members of the Bonjovi tribute “Born to be Jovi” in the guise of bassist Max Notaro & drummer Gavin Tester. Completing the line up we have last but not least rhythm guitarist Alan Kirkham.

The song “Closure” kicks of this 15 track offering and is about a relationship that is over but from the narrator’s point of view they can’t seem to understand why. and haven’t accepted it, a really gutsy anthemic track to get us started.

“Can’t Stop The Rain” a wonderful melodic rock song follows before t “Ok” a superb upbeat and buoyant,  what I’d refer to as a driving song in the tradition of bands such as Thin Lizzy and The Black Star Riders.

“Summer Time” is indeed what it says on the tin a great sing-along summer tune with excellent harmonies from these boys, this offering will have you humming and singing it for days after.

A slight shift with ”Paradise” a bit of a heavier track highlighting the rhythm sections great range, a very Dio-esque mantra.

“Theres Gotta Be” is up next, a real anthem of hope shining through darkness.

Theres always a ballad on these things and this has one in the shape of “I Can’t Save You” about walking away from a destructive romance, you can almost see the mobile phones and lighters illuminating stadiums with this number.

The next track “Such is life” – is a psychological outlook on life and all that matters narrated over a dark melody

“Perfect” is a brilliant throwaway song that Def Leppard would be proud of. The lyrics about a perfect woman but she’s in a relationship, Well, Cast la Vie!!

A song about modern war and the consequences of that conflict is brutally told in “Gasoline and Opium” the title explaining everything. Next up are two tracks that highlight melodic rock at its best, first is “The Road” an up tempo tune concerning a relationship break up,  as many do here, this is followed by “Afraid” a song about desiring someone from a distance but worrying that you aren’t good enough for them.

“In the Dark” is another ballad reflecting on a passed love.

The last proper song on the album is “Beware the Wolf” a churning tune with a optimistic message regarding someone who has a positive influence

The final song “Rest in Peace” is a synthesizer / organ driven tune that I can only think is a nod to somebody close that has passed or maybe a curved ball. It certainly seems out of place.

So what can you say about this album? I didn’t know who The Darker My Horizon were,  but I’m certainly glad I do now. A wonderful variety of styles covering subjects such as Philosophy, broken relationships, unfrequented romances, war, hope and fear.

These boys know not only how to write a song but also deliver it.Hard rock, melodic rock, anthems and ballads are all delivered with aplomb. There’s something here for everybody

They may be The Darker My Horizon but they have certainly brightened mine up

Cheers guys

Rating 9/10