Heavy Rocka Recordings recently announced their first signing – the superb Stevie R. Pearce and the Hooligans – and are pleased to reveal the new single “Lunatics by the Pool” is out now on all the usual platforms.

Stevie said of the new track “I always write with an element of truth… it’s all true, each verse tells a different story that all in some way are related to a pool that happened to me! During a trip to Bangkok last year I witnessed some let’s say “Brits Abroad” discussing their stories of woe…which were kind of similar to mine…perhaps slights more elaborate!  That got me thinking about other times in my life where trouble had occurred by a pool… thus verse 2 – which is a Warrior Soul incident and verse 3 – a day strip club in Tucson, Arizona during a day off debacle. A lot of the new album has certain depths. I’ve gone a bit further with it however. Lunatics is an 18-30s lads trip to Kavos and just as tacky and we do that very well! The video HAD to be by a pool – Jason Miller shot it and we had a blast for a day, mainly as I was happy no-one drowned – but it wasn’t for lack of trying. LETS ‘AV AN ‘OLIDAY!”

Describing himself as having a foot in the gutter, the other on the sidewalk, Stevie is better known perhaps (depending on whether you’ve just found him or not) for his endeavours in Jizzy Pearl‘s latest incarnation of Love/Hate and his work in Warrior Soul, and as original hellraiser of the Black Bullets.

Stevie R Pearce is an experienced performer, globally, locally and probably in your front room. If there’s a glam rock icon he hasn’t toured with, then lord knows who they are. He has stood in the shadows, and at some point or another has probably given you the best night of your life – you just didn’t know who he was!

However, what is more pertinent than playing with these remaining icons, which is no mean feat in its own right – is the fact that in addition to all that work, Pearce is a songwriter in his own right and Stevie R Pearce And The Hooligans is the result.

Stevie’s debut album was originally released in late 2017, but re-issued on Cargo Records in March 2018, so people who missed it the first time around can revel in its glory – believe us, it is worth it!

And it doesn’t do quite what you’d expect it to either. Given his history, you’d imagine that Pearce’s solo work would be sleazier than Donald Trump’s search history, but whilst there are elements of that (so there should be, by the way) it is evident that this is an avenue for the guitarist to flex some creative muscles of his own away from the day jobs. From start to finish it is a Leopard printed, punk-tinged hard rock assault that is somewhere north of turbo-charged. Delivered with real venom and with an undercurrent of violence – yet all the while totally understands it is rock n roll and it should be fun. The first single “Bad Day” caught the ears of Planet Rock, particularly The Hairy Bikers who heralded The Hooligans as the best band to come out of the south in a long time. Indeed, “Bad Day” is still playlisted on the station.

“>Following some extensive DIY touring with the Hooligans, and a 5-week jaunt across 30 states of the USA opening the controversial yet highly anticipated Dio Returns Hologram Tour – the first of its kind – with Love/Hate which featured Dio’s former journeymen including Simon Wright (AC/DC), Craig Goldy, and Scott Warren. 2019 also saw the release the second single and video “Set My Soul on Fire”.In December 2019 – with a new Line up featuring ex-Black Bullets Carl Donoghue and Lance Skybaby plus Lifer Richard Jones, The Hooligans released “Rush of Blood to the Head” – a single to mark the announcement that Album 2 is on the way, and is set for release in Spring 2021 on Heavy Rocka Recordings entitled “Major League Son Of A Bitch”.A further release – “Give Me Everything: Live In Blackpool” – was also issued. Recorded at the legendary Waterloo Music bar, supporting a sold-out Massive wagons show, it gained critical acclaim for the deliverance of “30 minutes of pure adrenalin”.Indicative of an artist that wanted to express himself on his own terms, away from the shadows of others. His time in the spotlight, out of the shadows, is time well spent. The self-proclaimed “king of winging it” isn’t reinventing the wheel with misguided ideas of grandeur but instead setting the fu**er on fire and kicking it over a cliff.Absolutely!For more about Stevie R Pearce and the Hooligans head to https://www.facebook.com/StevieRPearceAndTheHooligans