Grunge rockers MARISA AND THE MOTHS have released their new video ‘How Did You Get So Weak?’, the culmination of their “Time To Talk” campaign, raising awareness and supporting victims of physical, mental and financial domestic abuse.

Watch the video here:

‘How Did You Get So Weak?’ can be purchased with a special merch bundle, from which 50% of the proceeds will be donated to DASH (, a charity with a mission to end domestic abuse and support victims.


“Time To Talk” featured an interview series, where Marisa talked to fans who have been victims of abuse, sharing their stories on social media via videos, and released them daily until the release of the video.

Her first interview was with DASH about the work they do, and all interviews can be viewed here:

The campaign was launched on White Ribbon Day (, an internationally recognised day that urges people to stand up, speak out and say no to violence against women. This year is more important than ever with a significant increase in violence, harassment, and abuse during the coronavirus pandemic.

As a survivor, Marisa knows first-hand how damaging an abusive experience can be. She comments: “‘How Did You Get So Weak?’ is the question that I asked myself at the start of what ended up being an extremely traumatic relationship. I knew that there was something wrong at the time, but because of various reasons I felt too scared to leave. Now I’m on the other side of this situation, I’d really like to use the release of this song to help others.”

Not only did her experience inspire new music, it gave her the idea to set up “Time To Talk”. She continues: “I’m running the “Time To Talk” campaign to help raise awareness and understanding for the issue of domestic abuse (which includes mental, physical and financial abuse). There is a lot of negative stigma around discussing the topic, but we seriously need to start talking about it. Due to the isolation effects caused by the pandemic, this year has seen a significant increase in domestic violence, harassment, and abuse during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Abuse can happen to anyone. Men, women, and children. I want to let the victims know that they can get out, they are not alone, and they will be stronger for it in the end. But most importantly, that they are NOT weak, they are a victim and there is help for them out there.

“The “Time To Talk” campaign will involve live interviews with me and various victims of abuse who have come forward to share their stories to raise awareness, with intent to hopefully inspire others in abusive situations to reach out and get the help that they need. These stories will be shared as video interviews, letter readings and phone calls on our social media platforms every day, on the run up to our music video release for our single ‘How Did You Get So Weak?'”

Commenting on the charity, Marisa concludes: “DASH is an incredible charity working to help victims of domestic abuse, including women, men and children of all backgrounds.”