Sydney-based hardcore punk band Kids of Skids recently released their debut single and subsequent video Army Store via Riot Records.

Follow-up single, Trapped, is out now and gives a voice to those trapped in isolation due to Covid-19. Not being able to play gigs cause they’re all cancelled, and live-streaming is the new norm in a world that’s gone mad. Trapped and the accompanying video is a punk as it gets folks.

KIDS OF SKIDS are a hardcore Sydney punk band, influenced by hardcore old school 80’s Punk Music. They are full of obscenities and play their music loud, fast and aggressive. In their own words: “We play punk music your mum doesn’t want you to listen to.”

In 2018, Lucas the guitarist said to his work mates “Let’s start a band.”
KIDS OF SKIDS were formed thereafter, and are all about gigging hard, playing fast, and having as much fun as possible.

KIDS OF SKIDS are a 4-piece band with Phe on vocals, Lucas on Guitar (also in The Owen Guns) Ati on Bass, and Mark on drums. Having signed to Riot Records in March 2020, the band is set for a big year of recording, and releasing new music is high on their agenda.