Black metallers like to take their time 

Formed way back in time (1998) and releasing almost immediately the debut album “Into the old forest” on Mordgrimm Records (the second incarnation of UK’s glorious Cacophonous Records), but then again taking a rather and unnatural long hiatus until 2007 with their sophomore “None more black” album got released on their own label.

The sound of Old Forest on Dagian is much more atmospheric than we used to know them for their previous albums’ grimness: the large use of keyboards, effects and weird voices give them a value-add in terms of mysticism although keeping the band into a conceptual rawness that still roots them into classic Black Metal, with the final result that (for all these reasons) reminds us of the most glorious episodes of Necromantia’s career, sharing with them a similar dominant role of Bass guitar!

The band features members from IN THE WOODS and CARPATHIAN FOREST.

1. Morwian
2. Non
3. Tweoneleoht
4. Neaht