Following the announcement in 2019 that Thunderstick planned to reform his eponymously named band, he has now confirmed the final addition to the line-up, guitarist, STEVE MANTRA.

Mantra had always had a love for Rock. He first started playing guitar at the age of 15 when he formed a band, Kobra, with school friends. 2009 he joined the Academy of Contemporary Music to study commercial music and its many genres. Following this he started writing and recording his own compositions and in 2013 obtained a ‘Master’s Degree in Composition’ after writing, recording and producing his own solo album ‘Light of the Diamond’ which he released under the name of ‘Shadow Mantra’. His considerable knowledge of rock and metal is evident in his playing style and ability.

Thunderstick said of his new guitarist

“Steve Mantra may be a new member of the band but as part of Thunderstick we feel his contribution to the power and dynamics of the Thunderstick sound is considerable. We are all extremely excited to be working with him and are looking forward to touring with him in 2021. Steve now completes the Thunderstick line up”

The official Thunderstick line up is

Thunderstick – Drums

Raven Blackwing – Vocals

Rex Thunderbolt – Bass

Vinny Konrad – Guitar

Steve Mantra – Guitar

The band are unable to do shows currently due to COVID, but they are using the time to work on new ideas, perfect the stage act and are also busy recording the much anticipated album which will be released through Roulette Records mid 2021

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