Donnie selects a double cd worth of great music from 2016.

The great thing about listening to new albums is that even if the album itself is not the best you can usually find a great track or two which makes it all worthwhile.

Below is 30 tracks that would make up a double cd’s worth of great tracks from 2016.

*although the album is not out until 2017 the band released this track by way of an album preview.  The Ex-Deo album will be the best of 2017 without question.

Track Artist
The Rise Of Hannibal* Ex-Deo
Magma Gojira
Born In Dissonance Meshuggah
Atlas Rise Metallica
Nail Them To The Cross Dark Funeral
Pocho Aztlan Brujeria
Burning The Blanket Superjoint
Hitchcock Blonde Devilment
Hatebomb Discharge
Disassembled Ihsahn
Encircled Dark Tranquillity
The Book Of The Dead Lotus Thief
The Cursed Travails of the Demeter Vircolac
Fatal Illusion Megadeth
Neptune’s Spear Testament
Heathens The Cult
People Say That I’m Over The Top Royal Republic
You Left Me Nothin’ But The Bill And The Blues Joe Bonamassa
The Wilde Flowers Opeth
Nobody Wins Brian Fallon
Devil’s In The Temple Bon Jovi
Blood On The Road The Mission
Devil’s Chokehold Ritual King
Vulture Iggy Pop
Welcome To The Fray Preacher
Not For Sale Crobot
Once Upon A Time In Texas Eric Johnson
Petrolhead Sting
Stroll On The Quireboys
Oracles Of War Messenger