Welsh rockers in The Dirty Youth are back with an electronic rock banger in the form of ‘Utopia’.

This comes with the news that the band will operate independently henceforth, without any label support.

Danni Monroe says this about the track. “Utopia is a way of us as a band expressing our desire to break free from the idea of a utopia that people conform to – which in reality, is controlled by what we see, hear and emotionally feel through the media and online. Every single photo you see online has been carefully selected, posed for, filtered… it is not reality. It is a utopian world, which exists parallel to our own world. It’s important to remember that what you see online is not real – and we think that music can play a really important role in relaying this message to people.

We’re back exclusively on a DIY basis with no one telling us what to write or how to write it. It was quite a liberating experience being able to break free and we’re enjoying it more than ever. This new material is a firm step forward into a new era for The Dirty Youth.”

The Dirty Youth is:

Danni Monroe – Vocals

Matt Bond – Guitar/Keys

Luke Padfield – Guitar

Leon Watkins – Bass

Jacob Moseley – Drums

The Dirty Youth Online

Twitter/Instagram : @Thedirtyyouth