ASCEND, the second album by insurrectionary heavy rock trio Vodun, released in 2018 on New Heavy Sounds was ten slabs of ground-flattening, groove-inflected rock power, driven by afro-inspired dervish drums (interpreting the spirits of Ogoun), the roaring, fierce chromium guitars of Linz Hamilton (The Marassa), and fronted by the fire-breathing howl of frontwoman Chantal Brown (Oya), it delivered you the truth of generations with a drive and focus that couldn’t be matched.

Now Vodun are back and ready to kick off 2020. Having bid farewell to drummer Zel aka ‘Ogoun’ they have recruited the equally awesome skin battering talents of Lorena Cachito aka ‘Sobo’ who joins ‘Oya’ and ‘The Marassa’ in bringing their spectacular live show on the road. You won’t want to miss it.

Not only that, but there is a brand new video of ‘Rituals’ a track from their latest album ‘Ascend’ featuring the new line up in all its ritualistic glory.

Watch the video now –

Enjoy and book your tickets now.


25th – Nottingham, Alberts…/vodun-lasting…/albert-s/1488154


27th – Bristol, UK, The Old England


29th – London, UK, 10 Years of Chaos Festival, The Dome



1st – Bournemouth, UK, The Anvil


6th – Berlin, Germany, TIEF/ Zukunft am Ostkreuz


7th – Le Mans, France, Le Mans Tattoo Convention, Centre des Exposition


29th – Manchester, UK, Riffoloution Festival, The Bread Shed